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If you are new to the Internet I suggest you FOCUS all your energy on getting your web site listed. Ignore all the HYPE you will encounter. Pay no attention to all the garbage e-mail you will receive. Don't waste your time reading it. 95.0% of all e-mail you receive as a result of submitting your Web site is Hype and sales ads. On the other hand some of these sites can ensure that your site is seen by thousands.

Any site that sends you more than 1 or 2 pieces of e-mail is a site you don't want to post your site too. There are hundreds of sites that exist only to harness e-mail addresses.
Set your e-mail program to automatically delete all incoming e-mail over 2kb. This will take care of about 85% of junk mail.

Marketing online can be very rewarding, or it can be very frustrating. If you are new online you are probably trying to find a way to market that is going to work. If you have been online a while you have probably tried just about every way imaginable, and possibly without much results. This is the frustrating part. Spending time and money and not getting anywhere, is not much fun! I know because I have been there.

There are several ways to advertise your promotions. You can put your ads in the classifieds, and there are many good free one's. You can put your message on message boards,and ffa sites and there are just thousands of them. Or you can join opt-in groups, people that are definitely interested in your offers.

H ere's a great place to start
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